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Lamb Shoulder chops are ideal for throwing on the braai or even searing in a hot pan! Just make sure you buy enough for seconds for everyone because everyone is guaranteed to be asking for more. Therefore, you can buy these succulent chops from our online butchery, so you never have to go without it again.

Are lamb shoulder chops tough?

These cuts are from the shoulder. Therefore, it has an abundance of connective tissues which can result in some tough pieces of meat.

However, knowing how to cook it is the secret to it making your ‘favorite meat dishes” list. It is ideal for stews and long, slow cooks. Additionally, throwing these bad boys in a nice marinade, letting it soak up the goodness, and then throwing it on the braai is also an amazing way to cook it!

Spice it up with some mustard, mint, salt, and pepper and you are good to go! You’ll never want to try any other chop again!.


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