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Lamb loin chops are an easy, quick meal to prepare. Whether it is a weekday meal or a weekend stunner. It’s a great cut of meat! Therefore, we have added to our online shop! Now you can order your meat online and have it delivered in Johannesburg, Emahlahleni, or Pretoria!

What is loin chops?

“Loin chops are cut from the waist of the lamb, and they don’t have the rib bone. Lamb chops are generally rib chops, which are cut from the ribs of the lamb, and they often have the rib bone. Both kinds of chops are great pan-seared, sauteed, or prepared on the grill.” – Julia’s Album

What is the difference between lamb chops and loin chops?

Loin chops are a bit leaner than rib chops. Furthermore, they lack the rib bone. The eye of a loin chop is slightly larger than a rib chop and usually includes a medallion of tenderloin (like a tiny T-bone steak). Loin chops are excellent grilled, broiled and sautéed, and are also best enjoyed cooked rare to medium-rare

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