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Pork Sausage otherwise known as Chipolatas is perfect for any time of the week. Whether you are looking for something to make a nice hotdog, make a delicious breakfast, or even want some slices of pork sausage in your pasta dish, this product is for you. Luckily you can now order from the online butchery of choice and have it delivered straight to your door.

What is a chipolata sausage?

Chipolatas are typically made from coarse-ground pork seasoned with salt and pepper together with herbs and spices—according to the particular recipe—such as sage, thyme, pimento, or nutmeg.

How to cook Pork Sausages

Ideally, you want to prick the whole sausage. Thereby, you prevent the sausage from splitting and “cracking”. Thereafter, you can transfer the sausages to a stovetop skillet over medium heat. The skillet should be filled a quarter of the way with water. Cook for approximately 10 to 15 minutes, until cooked through and water has evaporate.

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