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Pork Fillet is perfect for when you want to impress dinner guests, Or even if you are just looking to treat yourself to a succulent piece of fillet. Therefore, we have made this delicious cut of meat available online. Additionally, we do delivery all over Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Emahlahleni for your convenience.

How to cook Pork Fillet

There are many ways to cook a fillet. It is just up to your and your tastebuds to decide which option you are in the mood for. Below are some of the ways in which you can cook this cut of meat:

  1. Roast it. Quickly sear all sides of the fillet in a skillet on the stovetop to lock in the fat and goodness. Thereafter, you can make a nice herb and spice rub, rub it all over and pop it in the oven to cook through.
  2. Stovetop. Sear it, and then let it cook all the way through in the skillet. Add some herbs, butter, and olive oil to add to the flavor of the fillet, and your good to go!
  3. Grill it. If you have a grill, don’t be shy to use it!
  4. Chop it. Chop it into smaller pieces for use in stir fry and pasta!

We have a whole range of meat products to suit everyone’s taste buds! View our extensive range of meat online. We deliver to Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Emahlahleni every week. Want to keep up to date about our latest specials? Join us over on Facebook where we’re always sharing the best deals!

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