09Dec, 19

The difference between Rump and Sirloin Steak

In South Africa, a meal is not complete without a great cut of meat. We love to braai and roast our meat and frankly speaking, South Africa has some of the best meat in the world. Putting my pride aside, I wanted to focus on beef. Whenever I am craving a good grilled steak at a restaurant, I am always confused between the rump cut and the sirloin. Which has more flavour? Which has the more fat? Which is easier to cook? Where are the cuts from? bla bla bla! So after searching blogs looking for a better definition of both, I came across ‘World steak Challenge’ who gave the clearest definition I could …

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08Dec, 19

The principles of storage for different types of meat

Overview Many types of bacteria can grow on animal products, so it’s important to safely handle and store all types of meat. However, the different rules for handling different types of meat can be confusing. It may be perfectly safe to eat some meat a week after it was prepared or to freeze it for later. Other types should be thrown away after only a few days. Safety issues are associated with everything you may eat. A healthy kitchen depends on your knowledge of safe cooking and storage practices. Selecting meat Never buy meat that’s past the expiration or sell-by date. Also, buy meats at the st …

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